Why You should Download movies Only in 300MB 480P MOVIES ?

Although 300MB 480P MOVIES are worthy weapon for users who do not have premium and large screen mobiles. As they are unable to watch movies on 1080p and 720p on their mobiles. Such movie format 720p and 1080p fit only in screens where screen resolutions like 1024*768 and 1280*1024 are supported.

Why One has to use 300MB 480P MOVIES movies ?

Here we are listing the reason of the popularity for such small size movies.

2g connection
3G Mobile Network
Small Storage Space in Mobile
Weak Processor

Why 480p movies ?

Less Random Access Memory
Low Buffer Area
Weaker Cache Memory
Slow Grapichs

480p movies are also widely famous and these formats are acceptable by people who have small mobile screen and want a good amount of movies connection in their mobiles. As in the 8 Gb mobile phone has android mobile has 3-4 gb reserved for os and other apps can have at least can have 8-10 480pmovies in their secondary storage.

Popular 300MB 480P MOVIES List

Money Heist web series is also available in 480p movies.
Thappad movie Tapasi Pannu Starer
KGF Chaptor 1 and 2
Akshay Kumar Movies
Family Movies
Thriller Movies
Dual Audio Movies in Hindi and English
Latest Tamil And Telugu Movies
Hindi Movies online

How To Download 300mb movies ?

If you have taken any kinds of subscription from apps which provides live streaming of movies and gives option to download movies you can choose low quality to download movies in 300 mb size.

How We Can Download 480p Movies?

The movies application which give option to watch movies offline provides 480p movies resolutions. You can download by clicking download button and it saves movies in incrypted format so that one can not share it through file transfer apps like Xender and shareit.

Legal Websites to Watch Movies in 480p Resolution

You may able to watch movies in less resolution as it takes less amount of internet data spent in downloading 480 movies. Few websites has been listed here
Amazon Prime

Illegal Websites to download 300MB 480P MOVIES

There are several websites which provide download links of movies Like

Tamilrockers1377X MOVIESMOVIESCOUNTER 2020
download movies

Lets not forget that such websites are not illegal and you should know about this in order to get the correct information. It is a legal crime to watch movies from unauthorized source such as torrent Movies websites and movie pirated movies websites. Although they look genuine and use authentic information from IMBD in order to look legal source.

Why Youtube is forcing us to watch videos in 480p?

As we are going through a pandemic (AS of Now around 2,921,513 cased has been listed On 26 april 2020 11.07 IST) youtube has decided to save the bandwidth of the internet from all around the world. By restricting user to watch videos in HD 720p and Full HD 1080p resolution.

Other Movie Formats like 480p

.MKV Movies
.Mp4 movies

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