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Best DSLR Under 30000

Best DSLR Under 30000

Introduction of DSLR Camera

If you are a having a thrust of being a professional photographer then you must have a not only best best camera but also a easy to use interface in this camera. Digital camera have good results but you can’t take printout and can not create posters out of this.

You need a best in class camera type and this only comes with DSLR. Since it has optical zoom, better image sensor and industry best lenses. It gives you goosebumps in your photography. You can make a proper planning in your photography career.

First you should know the terminologies, features, capability, advantages and also drawback of DSLR’s. You may require a better course for photography and in the back end a team of professional photo editors which has good knowledge on advance versions of Adobe Photoshop CS.

DSLR Buying Guide

Because these types of recorders can work in all kind of scenarios, we may expect quality in recording. Due to the flexibility of changing lenses we may upgrade our level of photography from our digital cameras.Let’s understand it in simple manner if you want to take a photo of cricket match and you expect to keep your ball in the photos but a fast bowler clocking record speed of 147+ KMPS can you expect your camera can shoot such photographs?This is just a simple example and in the real world we may face many types of situations in which we have to expect a lot from our camera.

Camera sensor:

Because the sensor will be responsible to create the magic into the photography in the form of Pixels, we have to consider the important the aspects of the camera sensors.  Always see two things while buying any DSLR

what it the size of sensor?

It decide the price of the DSLR and it affect and decide the size of camera in terms of weight and height. It checks all the ticks for the photo quality such as the size of image, resolution and image depth and the most important quality in nowadays Low Light Photography.

What is the type of sensor available in the camera we are buying?

We can buy a camera which have CMOS full form (Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor) which is comparatively less expensive.
The other types of camera sensor used in DSLR CCD full form (Charged Coupled Device) which cost more and produce good quality in photography.It consume much more power than its counterpart and the overall manufacturing cost will be increase in cameras makers.


What and how many objects are covered in a single click of your camera will decide its resolution. There are three types of resolutions
Low Quality Resolution: If you are buying a camera of APS and C type of DSLR camera then you will get a low resolution photograph Up to 10 Mega Pixel or if you are planing to buy a full framed DSLR then you may get low resolution in upto 12 MegaPixels.
Medium Quality Resolutions: In the 11 to 15 MegaPixel Camera that have APS C Type of sensor you will get medium quality resolution in the image and on the other hand the 35mm camera sensor will produce mid resolution  from 13 mega pixels to 24 MegaPixels.
High Quality Resolutions: You can expect high resolution photograph in 16 to 30 mega pixel camera with APS sensor and in the full frame or  35 MM image sensor will give high resolution snaps at 30 to 55 Megapixels.


There are numbers of devices can be connected to your DSLR camera such as Your desktop with a USB cable, Your smartphone android or apple phone with Wifi or bluetooth. Microphones and flash can be connected to dedicated slots in DSLR cameras.
There are some kinds of remote available for photographers. Which can be work in nearby area around the camera.
In short If your camera has USB, Wifi and NFC you may connect it to every possible device. Printing of photographs can also be done right from camera itself.
Via sync option you may create more space in your sd card after transferring photographs.


Just because DSLR gives you flexibility to change its lenses according to the situations you can become a beast in Photography. First understand 4 basic things before buying best lens for DSLR

  • Lens Type
  • Aperture of the lens
  • Price of Lens
  • Adaptability of camera
  • Focal Length

Nikon vs Canon

These are the only two rivals in the photography industry. We think if you a beginner, you can consider Canon camera for the first buy because of its easy interface and people coming from digital point and shoot camera gets early boost in their enthusiasm.
As you explore more and more in your photography you need heavy lenses, better image sensor and few other things can also be considered. After spending some time you definitely want something more from your camera now its the time to move and take a steps further by buying more advance Nikon Camera.

Intrusion of Sony, FuziFilm

Beside the main rivals there are few other key players in this segment such as Sony Fuzifilm, Panasonic, Leica, GoPro and kodak but still they are struggling with less sales. Still Sony alpha and fuzifilms DSLR camera are performing well in number of sales.


If you want to buy a BEST DSLR CAMERA UNDER 30000 you may consider few key sellers in camera departments.
Local Camera Market
Camera Shops in the Malls

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