Best Earphones Under 500

Best Earphones Under 500

Best Earphones Under 500

Best Earphones Under 500

Earphones are the best companion for every mobile user. People always feel energetic after hearing two or three songs.  You visit a metro and see how much people use earphones while traveling. Maybe they are watching video or listening music. But earphone is must.

In country like India budget phones are releasing like anything. All companies are looking after the requirement of lower-class mass. So, buying a best earphone under 500/- Rs has also become a challenge.

There are few varieties in front of you such as

Types of Earphones

  1. Wireless 
  2. Wired 
  3. Battery powered 
  4. Wireless  with charging case
  5. Earbuds like apple
  6. Dual driver 
  7. Magnetic 
  8. Braided Cable for durability
  9. True wireless 
  10. Bassheads 

Wireless earphones 

These earphones work as independent device which has not wired connectivity. Such types of earpiece also get failed whenever they get far away from mobile. Distance become enemy for such sound devices.

Wired earphones

Which earphones has wires connected to phone, gives a small amount of security for the owners of mobile. If you are listening a music or talking to someone with wireless earphones. In some case you may get out of reach of your mobile. In that case your mobile can be theft.

Always remember Wired earphones give best quality of music in cheap earphones.

Battery powered earphones

Such devices are having a small battery connected to the earphones wireless earphones are the best example of this category.

Wireless earphones with charging case

 Every time it is the apple who change the trends and every one become producing products like them with little modification in designs and shapes. Nowadays there are many wireless sound devices comes with a charging case by which you can charge your gadget two or three times.

Earbuds like apple

Market is also full of earbuds like apple with different size and have vey basic functionality. They do not have virtual assistant like Siri. But still at this low price point some companies are justifying the price.

Dual driver earphones

You may not get so many products for such price range but still companies like ptron and Boats are offering dual driver’s earphones. It provides clear sound and HD call quality. Such products use numbers of coppers cores which don’t have any oxygens in between and they produce some good quality music.

Magnetic earphones

These are also wireless type of sound devices in which both earbuds have magnet and whenever they come nearby, they automatically connected by one another through magnets. Thus, they lock nearby your neck and do not fall while running or walking.

Braided Cable Earphones for durability

 People get very irritated after the waste their time in untangle the wires of headsets. Earlier days the cable quality was also a concern which can be easily broken while pulling out of pocket or untangling.  So Braided cable comes into existence.

True wireless earphones

 There are two type of wireless sound devices available for mobiles and tablets. One was the wireless which has been written above, but due to a small piece of wire is still remain in which battery remains because of such thing we can’t call them wireless.

Other one is true wireless. In this category because the battery, volume controls are also inbuilt within earbuds thus it become true wireless.

Bassheads Earphones

Boat company has started this category in India in which dynamic sound driver are used to generate best sound quality.  Mostly they use 10 MM drivers which is a type of miniature version has the ability to work as large driver capacity.
3.5 MM driver Most headphones are coming with 3.5 MM jack. Still 95% mobile phones do not have advance type c port in their mobile phones.

Type C earphones

 These are the latest and few high end mobile phones have type c port and they do not have the 3.5 mm jack. Users have to buy type C headphones.

Lightening earphones

 These are only made for apple mobile which do not have 3.5 mm jack. From iPhone 7 Apple has ditched the old jack. After that all launched phone of apple require their own manufactured earphones. 

Few General Questions We think you should know

Which is best earphones under 500 digit magazine has declared ?
It is BoAt low budget offering BassHeads 100 in-Ear

The best earphones  2019 year compilation ?

How to find correct  answer for earphones under 500 on quora?
Just login with your google account and search this term. Read the answer which go high mentions and engagements.

How i can Buy earphones within 500 flipkart with cashback ?
Wait for the sales like year end or festival sale.

I want these low budget pubg ear phones what kinds of option i can have ?
We think you should increase your budget and then you can buy over the ear headsets for best sound qulaity.

Which are best amazon earphones under 500 ?
 You can Buy Amazon Basics products for this category.

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