Must Watch These Top 12 Family Movies 2020 During this lockdown

If you want to see Family movies 2020 within your home then you must read this till end. We have a quite good list of movies which are not only made on decent topics and does not affect the traditional values of indian culture.

Family Movies 2020
12 Family Movies 2020

Keeping a good environment healthy and traditional has become very tough as film industry is full of non sense movies. We have bring out a list of 12 Family movies released in recent time in the bollywood. you can watch with your entire family.

Altough The film makers like anurag kashyap who are capable of making movie on good subject but still they try to put dark humor into their directed movies which only make insult of our culture. One can not watch their movies while sitting with family. They are full of nudes and abusive terms. After all who wants their children to learn bad language?

Why Family Movies 2020

After the arrival of Netflix and Amazon Prime vidoes web series are full of objectionable contents are released because there was no rule and without getting censored they are released by putting a fix language and sentence are written before the video. No body stops at that time.

So We have to keep our culture and tradition and can watch movies with healthy topics.

1. Bahubali 2015

So We have to keep our culture and tradition and can watch movies with healthy topics. You may watch Bahubali the Beginning. It is based on mythological subject about maheshmati empire. Mahendra Bahubali character was played by the Prabhash and Katappa and Rajmata was key actors.

2. Bahubali 2

Bahubali The Conclusion was part 2 in which the suspense was disclosed why Katappa killed the Bahubali. In This second part director rajamauli has shown a way how one can make movie without vulgarity. All Hindu characters were played and acted well by the cast of Bahubali


Such movies can only made once in decades in which you will definately doubt your childrens. How one man gives his entire life for his children’s dream and after retirement he can be treated so bad. This movie is a eye opener for every indian family.

Usually we have also seen many cases where the sons do not take care of their father and mother after getting married

Hum Apke Hain Kaun

This film showcased how indian marriage can be lavished. The lead role was played by Salman khan and madhuri dixit. Side character were also worth to watch. Renuka sahane and Mohnish Bahal, Anupam khair and alok nath acted so well.


Suraj Badjatya has made this gen way before but it still one of the best example of person who did not leave the relationship after come to know that her wife has been burnt.

Hum Sath Sath Hain

This movies is based on ramayan and one can learn the values of the family after watching this movie. The Role of salman khan and mohnish bahal alog with tabbu saif ali khan neelam and many others.

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

This movie was directed by Karan Johar and it has actors and actresses like Kajol and Rani Mukharji. Salman khan Guest Appearance is also there. It is worth to watch

Up Movie

This is a animation movies and based on a old man and a funny child. This story is full of emotions. Cow Cow Rar Dialouge became very famous and dealth of Ellie is one of highest emotional movement in film history.


This movies can be shown to your children with a message With the Great Power Comes Great Responsibilities, Spiderman is mainly made for children and its appearance in Avanger series makes it worth to watch.

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