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Types of Camera

How much types of Camera are discovered so Far?

if you want to be a photographer or you want to start a career in videography.  Your first step should be buying your very first cameras on the market can be pretty tough. Especially with the daunting list of options we have today. So first understand what Types of Camera are there for you?

Thankfully the best thing is we have some great online seller which not only show all features in simple manner so that we can buy camera with a confidence.

May be for the photography the DSLR cameras optical viewfinder with will be or should be your first choice but before buying this let’s have a look on almost every other kind of cameras.

Because every different purpose and according to the demand we may need a different type of camera.

Action Camera

Made for the pro users such as bikers, mountain climbers, Scuba divers. These types of cameras are made for real time video shooting and photo graphs because of shutter speed such as bike races, car races etc. Such devices are made for stabilizing video shooting.

They can be mounted on almost everything. You can record and play the video in it.You may attach a hundred types of accessories into action cameras.

Gopro is the solo champion in this category and GoPro 8 is their latest product which is ruling the market.

Digital Camera

Such cameras are the most powerful camera available in the market. Due to the use of heavy configuration of lenses. They are delivering better results. With the help of optical and digital , zoom lens features such cameras are a favorite of professional photographers.

full frame capturing is the best feature one can get after buying digital camera.

Point and Shoot

If you are in a shooting in a small and want to record a particular object for a long time with a laser sharp view then you require point and shoot cams.

You cannot expect better results. But you may capture the moments via its fixed lenses. From the scene you can preview evey view through its lcd screen.

Film cameras

Such types of camera are made for film shooting and the advanced version film cameras can shoot in almost every situation.


These are cameras for shooting a video when the concerned person doesn’t know that he is being filmed. We often hear various kinds of spy cameras such as button cameras, watch cameras, pen cameras etc. Camera is completely hidden and it shoots the scene.

Hidden Cameras

It is the a type of camera Setting to record some and it may breach someone’s privacy special purpose ( mainly to record illegal activities ). It is used by normal citizens to record a video for any exposure like giving bribes to any officer.

Mobile Cameras

You know everything about such entry level Camera which is right now in your hand or pocket ( in case if you are on desktop or tablet ) so we will proceed to the next topic.

Digital Cameras

Digit zoom enabled cameras exist in this category. For the data storage and memory purpose it houses multimedia cards type of SD. Zoom and scene selection is performed via automatic mode. User may be a novice to use these low budget camera.

The prime features like interchangeable lenses can be found in this price range.

Mirrorless types of Camera

When a camera doesn’t have any mirror image quality of the shooting objects makes a real life like image. Actually, in a basic camera there is a mirror that reflects beams of light on the camera sensor (small sensor in Size).

If any camera doesn’t have such a mirror then it is called a mirrorless cameras.
The concept of mirrorless camera is to use an electronic viewfinder technology in which they house it to find the different object in a scene to give a better quality in the producing image.


If you need to shoot a long video then you need this type of shooting device. It holds a large capacity of data storage which can save a big size video which HD quality.

Handy cams

In house camera can record a basic video with ample size of data storage and does not require a power/electricity in order to record.

Instant Printing

Such a type of device has an inbuilt printer and after clicking on any image it immediately prints the image. Quality of printing and photo can be questioned.

CCTV or Surveillance

For the recording to week long videos in front of home, business, society, roads or in the market.

Film Camera

While shooting for a move

360 Degree

You can record in all possible directions with the help of these camera types. These devices can be fixed or mounted on all possible surfaces.  Lenses type in such devices are back to back. For the real view of an entire place such recordings are done with the help of these cameras.


These are the most powerful cameras and they can be used for uneven surfaces where you think of a fall of your camera. These are IPS certified also so that they can resist in the worst conditions like rain and storms.

Digital Cine Camera

If you are planning to shoot a movie or film in more than 1080p type of videos such as 4k 5k 6k or even 8k or the raw formats then you are in a place where digital cine cameras can help you out.

Polaroid Camera

Just like instant camera you may shoot with all basic needful parts of cameras such as optical viewfinder, fast autofocus lenses also youth’s favourite selfie mirror. They can even control the lights from any angle such as sunlight. So that you may get awesome photographs.

Medium format cameras

These are the fathers of modern cameras and still used to record on small size pictures like

Bridge cameras

Coming to this type of camera category, this type of shooting devices sits in between the six lenses camera and DSLR camera.

Multiple Lens

If any camera houses more than one lens for the betterment of photography then it comes under multiple lens cameras.

Dual Camera

In modern mobiles Apple Inc. started a new trend by giving more than one camera. If your mobile has two cameras behind it as Primary camera then it is called a dual camera.

Selfie Camera

When smartphone came into existence selfie has become a buzz in mobile industry and people spends more of their time in taking a good selfie by front cameras.

compact cameras

These are small in size and can be easily carry everywhere.

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